The Science Channel Does Science Fiction

picture of USS Skate surfaced in open water at North Pole on August 11, 1958
USS Skate Surfaced In Open Water At North Pole – 11 August 1958

They say, “don’t believe everything  you read”. Well, now they can say it about stuff you see, too. I am not sure who, “they”, are, but I am fast starting to respect their wisdom.

It as gotten to the point that you have to question the programming at the Science Channel. Where are their heads? First, we see programs on melting glaciers and Arctic Ice melting. OK. So, what? Ice is supposed to melt. In the case of the Arctic it is not uncommon for the ice to melt every summer. It re-freezes in the winter, too.

As a matter of fact, we have seen extensive Arctic Ice melts, before. On August 11, 1958 the nuclear submarine, USS Skate, surfaced in open water at the NORTH POLE. Yes, most of the water was covered with ice, but the submarine surfaced unimpeded by ice at the North Pole. There are other times of Arctic Ice melting, but the Science Channel does not tell you that.

Over the weekend, I was particularly attracted by several cable channel programs on the universe, and the various theories and facts that current science has to offer. Unfortunately, most of these good shows were on the History Channel. The Science Channel was just throwing up more fiction.

The Science Channel not only mangles the facts about global warming and climate change, but they are now preaching a new religion. Space aliens.

In the Science Channel series, “Are We Alone”, the producers have committed pretty much every known sin available to wannabe scientists that you can imagine. There is no science supporting their little story about space aliens.

First of all, we hear the fiction of, “With there being possibly billions of planets in the galaxy, surely some of those planets are rich in life”. Wow! What a jump of faith. Certainly, there are no sightings of space aliens, space alien ships, or voting records that I have seen. Where do they get their facts, if any?

The Science Channel relies on SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) for their scientific inspiration. SETI is an organization of people who have been sitting at radio astronomy units for decades, waiting for ET to call, and transmitting heavy metal recordings to their imagined space alien buddies. This is a mission of the ridiculous, and was originated by hippies who could not get a job, otherwise.

By the way, ET has not called, nor has there even been a wrong number call. Nobody calls SETI except for weirdos, social outcasts and medical marijuana advocates.

So, what does the Science Channel series claim?

1. Billions of planets must mean lots of life, which certainly means that somebody out there is trying to reach us.
2. Certain hydrocarbons have been found in meteorites, and therefore life had to begin in outer space, somewhere, and was possibly seeded on earth by space-faring folks.
3. These space folks will return to see if we have been good to our planet, and will spank us because we let the Arctic Ice melt.
4.  We must spent lots of money, now, to get ready for the nasty things our space ancestors will do to us. They might even take our planet away from us.
5. We must make funding SETI a priority. After all, there’s nobody else dumb enough to do what they do.

The obvious question is, if space aliens are so dangerous, then why in hell would we want to send them radio messages? Talk about stupid…

OK. I am exaggerating a bit, but not that much. The series is not about science, nor is it about space aliens. It is about money and scaring people into paying for programs to employ people doing things not needed.

Follow the money.

2 thoughts on “The Science Channel Does Science Fiction”

  1. I’ve always wondered why aliens haven’t answered our call, now I understand, you’ve solved one of the great mysteries of the universe.

    “This is a mission of the ridiculous, and was originated by hippies who could not get a job, otherwise.”

    I’m sure the aliens got the message, they probably sent the odd scouting ship to check us out first, the odd anal probe etc. and decided they want nothing to do with us.

    They’re probably lounging around on their home planets muttering, will those effing liberals stop calling us, we’ve seen what they do to their own kind and we have a really good thing going here, so we want nothing to do with them.

  2. MK. That;s funny! If for some reason a flying saucer shows up full of little green critters, I might believe the idea of space aliens. Until then, I will not have a heart attack over the idea. The people promoting this crap don’t believe it, either. They have found a source of money, and enough suckers to keep the party going.

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