The New Retirement System

Reporting on a Gallup poll, today, is an article that posits the new ideal retirement age is 67. This poll reflects the opinions of over a thousand people. Those opinions of the right age to retire have changed over the last several years, with the expected retirement age going up, and up.

We have been brainwashed that 65 is the age to retire. We also find that corporations tend to get rid of older, higher paid workers. My experience is such that I was laid off at age 57 from a sales job, and when looking for work discovered that nobody is going to hire a grey-headed salesman. The only sales positions available are those that pay commission, only, and are primarily low-income, telephone based sales positions.

At some point, you will find yourself taking Social Security payments. Social Security is nothing more than extended unemployment income for someone over the age of 62..

The government is pushing the Social Security retirement age past 65, and workers are being forced out of jobs at age 60 or before. A large part of the unemployed in the US is that population of pre-retirement age adults that cannot get a job. These are the people who have given up seeking employment.

Maybe you think that our drift into a socialism will mitigate the problem with the government taking care of you.

Think, again.

The government is looking harder and harder at the wealth accumulated in 401K’s and IRA’s. The government has long wanted to take that money and give it to those who have failed to plan for their retirement. They think you are more fortunate than others, and you should share. That is the government mentality.

So, all that hard work with accumulating money for your retirement can be gone in an instant. Your job can disappear in an instant, and so can your wealth.

The new American retirement system is called, unemployed. Good luck with that.


6 thoughts on “The New Retirement System”

  1. I can almost guarantee that by the time I am at the retirement age, there will be nothing left. But miracles can happen and I still harbor hope.

  2. Keep praying for that miracle! There have been serious proposals to confiscate our retirement funds in 401K’s and IRA’s.

  3. Oh, I’m SO glad I came by just before turning in tonight 🙂 This really cheered me up (not!)
    Well….and where are THE REPUBLICANS? Can’t they FIGHT? Can’t they CONVINCE AMERICANS that the left’s plans are wrong headed, that they can’t steal our retirements?
    Ugh, Bob……..maybe I’ll stay up a bit; this would promote nightmares, not sweet dreams 🙂

  4. Sometimes I wonder if the safest place to keep your money is under the bed, where the bastards can’t see it.

    As for retirement, I plan to keep doing stuff until I drop dead, I’ll do any work so long as I can.

  5. Z, we won’t need shades in the future, we will need ObamaCare cards and soup line tickets. That is the direction he is taking us.

  6. Sounds like a plan, MK. I had much the same idea by becoming a professional salesman, because you can get a job in sales anytime. I was wrong. Nobody wants a fat, grey-headed salesman. Also, that money I saves over all those years is getting inflated out of its value, and the stock markets are eating away at the total because of the Administrations monetary and fiscal policies. Gold is looking better and better, everyday. A friend of mine says to buy guns, ammo, and whiskey. That way, when things get bad, he can get drunk and take what he wants.

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