Trayvon Was Not The Only Victim

picture of Trayvon Martin
Trayvon Martin

The shooting of Trayvon Martin was a sad thing. Trayvon was in a place where he was not expected, although he had a perfect right to be there. His shooter, George Zimmerman was within his legal and moral rights in protecting his property and that of his neighbors.

A recent, fairly extensive article by Reuters as published in the Chicago Tribune brings out the truth of George Zimmerman and his background.

George Zimmerman, a mix of white, Hispanic, and African heritage, had been named the leader of a new neighborhood watch group. The gated community where Zimmerman lived had gone from nice to un-nice because of the collapse of the housing market in Florida. More and more of the housing units were being rented, instead of owned. That is when the problems started.

The neighborhood changed complexion to 50% white, 20% black, and about 20% Hispanic. Even black people in the neighborhood reported that there had been an run of burglaries by young black men.

There turns out to be a legitimate reason to be suspicious of someone wearing a hoodie, especially in Florida where cold weather is not the norm. Call it racial profiling if you want, but you cannot get past the suspicious look of anyone wearing a hoodie at night in a warm climate.

Now that we know that George Zimmerman was a defender of rights for blacks and other minorities, we see that the racial profiling accusation is over the top. Indeed, the whole profiling thing is the product of race baiters, and professional racists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Everything they do is about race, and not automatically innocent. Remember Tawana Brawley?

Trayvon may have been a victim because he was black. Zimmerman claims, with evidence, that Trayvon attacked him, and tried to take his gun. Trayvon was not a child, but a healthy, strong seventeen year old man. Zimmerman could have been killed by Martin’s attack.

Zimmerman is the victim of an idiot press corps who have nothing better to do than fabricate stories and call it news. How else do you explain NBC’s falsifying the 911 recordings to make it appear that Zimmerman was concerned about the suspicious persons race?

The press knows that a good race story gets readers, and they hate America and the freedom’s we have in this country, including our right to bear arms for our own protection.

Without Second Amendment rights, George Zimmerman could be in the graveyard, and Trayvon Martin would be just another young, black man behind bars.

So, who’s the victim, here?

Edit: My allusion to the idea that the warm Florida weather did not justify wearing a hoodie is incorrect. The weather in Sanford, Florida the night Trayvon was shot was cool, with the high on February 26, 2012 being 69 degrees F, and the low temperature being about 52 degrees F. My apologies to all who thought otherwise. Those temperatures can be considered cool for Florida residents.

9 thoughts on “Trayvon Was Not The Only Victim”

  1. trayvon martin’s death was certainly a shame. but what’s unfolding for george zimmerman is an even greater tragedy. i see him as a sacrificial lamb to for faux “racism” outrage. the msm are foot-soldiers charged with keeping us, Americans divided against one another. it makes money and generates sheeple votes for their socialist agenda.

    you said it best, bob: “The press knows that a good race story gets readers, and they hate America and the freedom’s we have in this country, including our right to bear arms for our own protection.” good post!

  2. A lot of people — and, sadly, I include some of my conservative friends in this number — seem to forget that Zimmerman might well be dead if he hadn’t defended himself.

  3. George hasn’t seen the wrath of the press, yet. No matter how this thing plays out, he will not come out of it unscathed.

  4. Right, AOW. I didn’t think about this until I was writing the article. When you look at the blood on the back of his head, and think of a stout 17 year old kid in a dominant position, pounding your head on the pavement, it looked pretty gperrim for Zimmerman. Why has the press not thought about his?

  5. I think AMerica’s going to be the victim, tell you the truth. Trayvon’s father’s girlfriend, who lives in the area, must be the only one who’d never heard they’d been having burglaries because I heard they had, you heard they had, but I heard her tell an interviewer she hadn’t known that! (Ya, right)
    I hate that Trayvon died, I wish he’d just kept going and got to his destination……..but to call Zimmerman a racist is WAY over the top.
    good post.

  6. Z: Absolutely correct. We have already been victimized by the press, Al Sharpton & Company, and the President of the United states when he, on national TV, did his own racial profiling with his implication that the incident was racist. The shooter was a white guy, the dead one was black, and the white guy was automatically racist. That’s profiling, too.

  7. My understanding is that trayvon or whatever his name is wasn’t the boy scout looking for flowers for the orphanage when the leader of the KKK was prowling for some black ass to lynch that the MSM and liberal racists would have us believe. From what I’ve read, trayvon was attacking this zimmerman fellow and he was lucky to have had a gun to defend himself.

    Everything I’ve seen so far on trayvon indicates, he was a fellow on the wrong track and heading further down that track with a lot of innocent victims along it.

  8. Thanks for the comment, MK. Everybody would like to know what Trayvon was up to. Even though it might have been cool enough to wear the hoodie, the hoods are used by hoods for nefarious purposes, like hiding faces from security cameras.

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