May The Blogosphere Forgive Me

Oh yea, oh yea, let it be known that the proprietor of this here blog has lied to the entire blogosphere. The much read and acclaimed blog about the new Windows Phone 7 should be struck down, and assigned to the circular file marked, Microsoft.

Yes, I did it. I took the new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows phone back to the AT&T store. After using the phone for almost a week, I decided it would not be adequate for my usage. The only problem I found was the battery charge did not last long, at all. A full charge was not lasting even 24 hours, and I am not a big user of talk time, either. After all the praise heaped on the device, I should have known that there was a problem, somewhere.

On the positive side, the phone is a very nice device, and the screen is dazzling. The AMOLED technology is very nice, but it does cause a heavy drain on the battery. The Windows phone is probably the simplest smart phone to use on the market, and Nokia has done a great job in the styling.But, even with all the usual battery saving moves, the battery appears to be a problem.

My replacement for the Nokia is the biggest, ugliest, most expensive and difficult to use smart phone currently on the market. I have bought the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Note has a 5.3 inch diagonal screen, about an inch diagonal more than other phones. Plus, it comes with a stylus and the appropriate applications to use the stylus to write or draw. Since the screen is bigger, the virtual keyboard is bigger, making it more usable for a guy like me with big hands and fingers.

The downside, so far, is that the thing is big. I mean, BIG. How do you carry it? Can you put it in your pocket? It becomes a bit cumbersome to carry, but I was willing to try to work out those details.

Oh, the battery seems to last a bit longer. It was down to about 50% charge last night as I went to bed, and this morning the charge level had hardly changed, at all.

So, I hope this phone’s battery will last longer on a charge. I will get a charge out of figuring out how to  use it.

4 thoughts on “May The Blogosphere Forgive Me”

  1. Sorry, but I had a feeling that your forays with Microsoft wouldn’t last very long to be honest. 🙂

    I know the Galaxy Note is a lot bigger, but from what I’ve read that’s the only downside, if you will, to it. I’m pretty sure that the rest of it will be the best thing since sliced bread for you. I know a friend who got a Galaxy S2, I tried it out a week or two ago, damn that is a great phone.

    Andriod is not as easy to learn and use as the other phone systems, but trust me, once you figure it all out, you won’t regret it. You’ll find that other phone Operating Systems just don’t cut it after Android. If you can, just google some videos or check on youtube, I’m sure there will be plenty of how-to and tips videos for Andriod by other people. That’s what I used when I first got my Android and it’s been a loving relationship ever since.

    Even my baby girl is constantly at me for my phone, she loves it for the childrens videos I have on there. So these days I have to hide somewhere to use my phone when she’s around or really put my foot down.

    The Galaxy Note is the phone I’m angling for in the future, it’s just too pricey right now. I’m hoping most won’t like it because of the size and then I can get it when the price comes down, don’t you just love how the market works. 🙂

    I have to say again, stick with the new phone, get someone who has an android to show you around, check out the videos, just don’t give up, you won’t regret it.

  2. The Samsung Galaxy Note is one fantastic device. I am starting to wonder why I have a Kindle Fire tablet computer. The Fire has a 7 ” screen, and the Note has a 5″ screen, and I have the Kindle application on the Note. I am going to be busy figuring out all the stuff it will do. By the way, your Blogger site looks pretty good on a smart phone. Google finally has updated the Blogger software.

  3. I an honestly say, that I have no idea what a “Galaxy Note” is. I get teased by my friends, because I just might be the last person on the planet that doesn’t have a Smart phone, I-pod, I-Pad, or whatever….

    I guess it’s time for me to branch out and start learning about apps and so forth.

  4. Ah, Leticia, once you get an iPod (music player), you will never look back. My daughter gave me an iPod for Christmas five or six years ago, which was a strange thing to do because everybody knew that I didn’t listen to music. Guess what? I can’t do without taking some sort of music player with me everywhere I go. It helps when I drive, wait in a doctor’s office, go on jury duty, etc. An iPhone has the iPod capability built-in, and an iPhone is a natural extension of the iPod.

    With the iPhone, you not only get an iPad, but also a telephone with a touch screen. Oh, the phone will look stuff up for you in the internet. If you are lost, you can use the GPS feature with Google maps, and you can even read a book with the Kindle application installed.

    In short the iPhone is an all-in-one entertainment package you can take with you, and it makes a terrific toy, too, because you can play games on it!

    Now, there are a lot of competing brands out there, most of which run the Google operating system, Android. Think about Android as a free, available for all manufacturers to customize, version of Windows is for you computer. It gets somewhat technical, but I now have the latest, and biggest, Android smart phone out there. It is cool.

    I will re-write all this and make it a blog for the unitiated but deserving, like you.

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