She’s A Purty Thang!

baby picture of Georgia
Baby Georgia

Yes, she is. Her name is Georgia, and she is my two-year old grand-daughter. Her second birthday was last week, but her party will be today, the first available weekend.

The interesting thing to me is that she looks very much like her mother at that age, and also much like my wife. I can spot signs of my mother’s looks, too. That is one reason why grand-children are so precious. You can see not only yourself in them, but also the looks and mannerisms of other family members. Life is beautiful when they are young.

In my opinion there will never be a time when she becomes not-pretty. She will always be beautiful, but, she will mature in her personality, growing physically and mentally every day. Darn it!

Picture of Georgia Age 1 1/2
Georgia Today

Someday, she will be a teenager. God forbid!

There is a better than even chance that she will be like her mother, who was a beautiful girl, but drove us almost to insanity with her hormones coursing through her veins. As teenagers, girls are terrible specimens of the human race. Thank God Georgia is my grand-child, and I can turn her over to her parents for rearing during those troublesome years.

They all start out so sweet you could just crush them when hugging them. Then, they start growing up and slip into those awful teen years when everything you say is wrong, and nothing you say is heeded. Life is not fun during those years.

Then, sometime after college and a couple of dozen whacked-out boyfriends, she will grow up and become the person you wanted to raise in the first place. It is interesting that God brings us these tests of faith, knowing that not only will our children challenge our faith, but that those same faithless creatures will return to the values of their upbringing.

Life is good, and Georgia is our reward for a job well done. God bless grand-children.

7 thoughts on “She’s A Purty Thang!”

  1. She is a pretty ‘thang’!! I love what you wrote here…you do feel like crushing those precious things to you when you hug them, don’t you!? They’re so sweet! I also love that Georgia’s mom came around and has given you such a gift…a true Godly reward!
    I had no children and now substitute teach…it came to me the other day that sub’ing is like being a grandparent; you get them for just a while and you don’t have to do lesson plans or correct papers or keep up the grind every day 🙂 That’s the closest I get to grandparenting and that’s enough for ME 🙂
    Enjoy the birthday party!

  2. Those kids are, indeed, little blessings. Substitute teaching has its rewards, too. My wife, who is retiring at the end of this school year, plans to do some limited substitute teaching. She is not the type to hang around the house all day, and I think she gets fulfillment from working with the children. Thanks for dropping by the blog.

  3. I love your blog! I hope the party was fun! I have never taught full time, and this sub’ing is SO rewarding and fun, particularly because I work part time at the private school doing other work so I see the kids all the time. They give me great stuff, they really do. I’m their “favorite sub”…I hear that and could die and go to heaven! I hope your wife will enjoy it….tell her what I said “It’s like grandmothering…you get the good stuff and none of the tough stuff ” 🙂

  4. your granddaughter is beautiful! this is a great post, bob. you have summed up – with a loving politeness – the difficulties of teenage years with girls. our daughters are 20 and 23. they are now awesome, but those years were quite traumatic for all involved. i look forward to grandparenting when i can spoil them and return them to their parents. 🙂

  5. Awww, she is a cutey, I know what you mean by hugging them a little too tight, something about bein overwhelmed by love when it comes to your own little ones.

    Don’t fret about when she becomes a teenager, she’ll hate her parents, but not you, you’re Grandpa. You won’t be the one making the rules, besides even teenagers know it’s not cool to hate on old folks, why it’s just downright mean. I would have loved to have my grand parents around when I was growing up.

  6. namaste, daughters are special, and I have a special relationship with mine. She is thrilled that my grand daughter seems to be on the same track. I don’t know if we would have survived raising more than one girl. I am sure you feel very special with two.

  7. Nothing is more wonderful than that little girl holding out her arms to me to get picked up and hugged. There is nothing like it. Live is good, indeed.

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