The White House Blog

Picture of White House, South FacadeYes, there is a White House Blog. Sometimes, it makes for interesting reading, but it was not meant for intelligent people to establish dialogs with the current Administration.

You see, the Comments are turned OFF! I understand that it would require a huge number of moderators to handle a nationwide commenting population. But, why have a blog?

At it’s most simple level a blog is a publishing machine. Anybody can publish their opinions or data on an internet blog. So, the President’s office has established this blog as one way to disseminate its opinions and positions.

The blog is dedicated to White House propaganda, and nothing more respectful can be said. How many people are the US taxpayers supporting to produce this stuff that is clearly political in nature and does not encourage discussions as most blogs purport to do? Normally, the President’s political party is charged with the cost of publishing political propaganda.

Here is an example. One of the paid bloggers, Megan Slack, a left wing writer, quoted the President in a blog article as saying, “Congress “can either stand up for oil companies, or they can stand up for the American people, …”. This is a straw-man argument. It side-steps the real issue and tries to set the focus on something else.

The President is dodging the real issue of high gasoline prices, caused in no small part by his energy policies. The prohibition against drilling for American oil resources causes the anticipated demand for oil to be increased drastically, resulting in the oil futures market reflecting high prices. It matters who is in the White House, and what the policies are.

Since the comments are turned off with the White House blog, this kind of blatant distortion is allowed to continue.

I think the White House has other reasons for not allowing comments on its blog. They are afraid that bloggers, like you and I will call their shortcomings to the nation’s attention, and they will run out of places to publish their unchallenged propaganda.

3 thoughts on “The White House Blog”

  1. Lefties love that, pushing their propaganda unhindered, seeing as how it usually falls to pieces when challenged it’s probably best for them that way.

  2. Just a saw video of a woman who picked up a sign off the ground and was asked about it and she had no idea what she was protesting, good grief.

    It’s sad, really.

  3. MK. I would just like the opportunity to reply to the nonsense propagated by this administration.

    The stuff put out by the WH is for people like Leticia described, to ignorant to know what the signs mean.

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