The Richest Counties

Picture of pig with suckling piglet
Pigs Begat Pigs

A story published by Yahoo! reveals some interesting statistics. It should come as no surprise that four out of the five richest counties in the nation are in the same metropolitan statistical area.

The average income in these counties exceeds $100,000, pretty much double the national average income. So, where are these enclaves of wealthy people, and what is the basis of the economy of these areas of splendor?

Washington, DC.

Indeed, four counties in the Washington, DC metro area are among the richest in the nation. Maybe this is not surprising to you, but it sure is meaningful.

Washington, DC houses the biggest money collecting machine in the world. With the Federal Government spending a Trillion dollars each year more than it takes in, it is no wonder that a lot of that green stuff settles in the DC suburbs. Picture millions of pigs at the national money trough.

With the average Federal Government employee earning more money than employees in the private sector, the way to wealth has fundamentally changed. Now, it is more profitable to be on the begging side of the equation than on the producing side.

It is basic economics that the Federal Government does not produce any economic gain for the nation. All that money taken from taxpayers is re-packaged into gifts to millions of people who will vote for the most generous politicians. Remember, not one car has been built, and not one product has moved off a store shelf in this process.

Then, there are the lobbyists. These are the big earners, and they get paid to convince politicians to vote for one spending program or another. There’s big money in being able to persuade people of weak moral ability. Traditionally, lobbyists have succeeded by paying politicians for their vote. There has always been a good relationship between lobbyists and politicians.

Yet, the lobbyist game is not illegal. It is not illegal because the law makers get rich, too. The funny thing is that they run the greatest risk of getting caught. It is hard to hide hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra income, even in your freezer as did one enterprising Louisiana Congressman, Rep William Jefferson (D).

Jefferson had about $90,000 in cold cash stored in his freezer, with the bundles wrapped in foil. I guess he wanted to keep it as fresh as possible. Jefferson is a Democrat.

The problem is that we let men of low principles look after our money, and we don’t make them accountable. Here lately, we haven’t even been able to make them pass a budget.

What kind of fiscal responsibility do you expect from those who refuse to operate on a budget? What kind of men plot politically to thwart any attempt to establish a budget? In the Senate we have the oldest, most crooked club in the world.

We have done it to ourselves. We have let irresponsible and malicious elements take over the purse strings.

The next time you see a Mercedes or BMW from Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland on the road, remember that you are paying for that car.

Ka-Ching! The tax man commeth.

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