Refried Grits

Picture of grits in a bowl.
Grits, The Main Thang

A man full of [grits] is a man of peace.

Unless you have eaten grits on a regular basis, you will not understand. Here in the Old South, we have been brought up on grits. Some people see grits as part of our birthright. Actually, this foundational food was originated by the native American Indians. It is kin to polenta, also made from corn.

Similar to humus, you have to mix stuff in grits to give it flavor. Grits naturally absorb the various flavors of other foods added to the mix. Cheese grits are very popular, but I like mine with nothing but butter.

One of the problems with grits is that you will probably make more than you are willing to eat at one sitting. After the left-over grits cool, you will have something that looks like concrete. You can probably use the cold grits to throw at the neighborhood kids to keep them out of your yard. Be careful, you don’t want to hurt the kids, or wind-up in a grits generated law suit.

There is a temptation to throw that chunk of solidifying cornmeal out the door to feed the chickens. Don’ t do that, either!

There are lots of recipes for fried grits, most of which depend on cooling the grits down to an almost solid mass, and then frying them as small cakes. My idea is even easier than that.

Dump the chunk of left-over, cooled grits into a mixing bowl. Mash-in a beat-up egg, and enough chopped, sweet onion as you feel you can handle. If there is left-over bacon or sausage from breakfast, you can crumble that into the mix. Add enough water to make a thick slurry, and get your frying pan ready.

Cover the bottom of the frying pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and heat the heck out of it. The olive oil adds a delicate flavor that complements the onion.

Pour the slurry into the hot oil, and let it cook until you are satisfied that the water has been cooked out of it, and the onions are done. The goal is to get the grits to a consistency similar to the breakfast grits. If they are browned a bit, that’s OK.

Serve the refried grits as a side to pork chops, roast beef, baked or fried chicken, or just have them for a snack.

Life is good!

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