The New iPad Is Here

I ordered the new iPad Wednesday night. That was the day the new iPad was announced. It is for my wife who will now have her very own tablet computer.

It has been called the iPad 3, or iPad HD, but its real name is just, iPad. Apple has dropped the number sequence, and you will have to know their model number system to know which generation you buy on the used market. It makes sense for Apple to do this, as most other manufacturers do the same.

Additionally, Apple has dropped the price of the iPad 2 by $100. You can now get the 16 gb iPad 2 with WiFi for $399.00.

Picture of New iPad
New iPad

The new iPad has a more powerful processor, and a knock-out screen called a retina display. This means that the human eye cannot distinguish individual screen pixels when viewed from a normal reading distance. The spec is 2048 x 1536 pixels, and that’s a bunch for a small screen.

iPad has a built-in microphone so you can dictate stuff. There are also front and rear cameras. You can record 1080p video with the rear facing camera. What a deal!

One of the problems with the earlier iPad models is that if you wanted cellular radio coverage, you were limited to antiquated 3G type systems. Now, the iPad is optionally available with 4GLTE coverage. This is cool, and will serve to sell thousands more iPads now that the off-air data speed will be up to par.

I don’t want an iPad for my personal use. Most of my computing is done on a laptop or desktop, both of which I use as development platforms for web pages. I am sure tablet computers will evolve into an everything-for-everybody appliances, but until then I will use my two laptops, two desktops, and my Kindle Fire reader. Yep, the Kindle Fire is advertised as a reader, but it is a tablet computer that runs the Google Android computer operating system. Neat!

This is the first time I have ordered a computing device on the day of its announcement. The difference in this case is that my wife has been wanting an iPad for some time, and even the Apple folks advised us to wait for the new one.

We did, and we bought it.


2 thoughts on “The New iPad Is Here”

  1. Hope she enjoys it, Bob. We waited until a little after the iPad 2 was released to get the original iPad for Trevor. The price had dropped a good bit by then, and it was more than powerful enough for his educational needs.

    Enjoying your blogs, keep up the great work.

  2. Hey, Tony. Thanks for dropping by. She retires after this school year, and this is a little present for her. Lately, she has been playing Mah Jong on her laptop in the evenings. The iPad is a great game machine, and I know she will enjoy it.

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