So You Favor Wind Energy

We hear a lot of horror stories about how windmills are affecting people and their way of life. This video illustrates some of the problems. First, you have to live with the noise that can be heard, and felt. for long distances. Then, you have to look at the darned things. If you are against cell phone towers, you have to be against windmills.

Know that wind power is not efficient, and will cost you more money, even when mixed into the current supply grids. Wind power is not a solution. It is a nightmare.


H/T to NoFrakkkingConsensus

6 thoughts on “So You Favor Wind Energy”

  1. I would never want buy one nor would I want one near my home. They seem more like a nuisance and the noise! Everyone would be wearing ear plugs just to get a goodnight’s sleep.

  2. Wind mill problems are kind of obvious, but even more inefficient are solar cells. They are OK if you are on top of a mountain, or on a desert island where no commercial power is available. Even so, you will not have electricity after the sun goes down unless you have really big batteries.


  3. Where’s the conservative response…..the one that stands up to all these “great ideas” of the environmentalists showing how dumb they (the environmentalists) are to propose something that isn’t environmentally friendly. No one seems to consider that all the battery powered (electric cars for example) “solutions” to fossil fuel have to be recharged, and when the batteries no longer hold a charge, they have to be disposed of. That’s a major dilemma that no one seems to address. Wind power sounds wonderful, as long as it’s not in my backyard. No doubt, not a single environmentalist has a wind farm in sound of where they sleep.

  4. Now we know why the Kennedy’s would not let an offshore windfarm built off Cape Cod. What a bunch of losers!

  5. It’s unfortunate that these people had to learn the hard way. The lefties pushing for these stupid things won’t care about them. The safest and most efficient way for power generation is nuclear plants, but as we all know the lefty haters of all things nuclear will never accept one of those without a fight.

    And unfortunately many people are still easily swayed by those hysterical liars in the media.

  6. You are exactly right. I have never seen such hypocrites in my life. It is NO to coal. No to natural gas. No to nuclear. Yes to anything that doesn’t work and will bankrupt the nation. What fools!

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