Life’s Lessons Crashing Around You

Last night while watching some unremembered show on the television, there was a huge, crashing sound. There was no severe weather, or even a mild wind. Even so, we knew immediately that it was a pine tree giving up the ghost.

Pine trees are like that. They go down easily compared to other trees. In the state of Georgia it is almost impossible to buy a house without pine trees threatening your life. We have learned to live with them, but wise people have the things cut down.

Daylight revealed that the tree had broken at almost ground level, and that its’ trunk was hollow. Yes, it had live branches, but its core was rotten. A pine can look perfectly healthy this minute, and can kill you in the next.

There’s a lesson in here, somewhere. People can be like pine trees, outwardly appealing but rotten at the core.  How many people have you known like that? Admittedly, I have known only a few of that ilk, and I have learned to stay away from people who call me buddy, and men who hug a lot.

One lesson learned is to stay away from pine trees, especially when the wind is blowing. Pines are sneaky vegetables, and can do you great harm. After all, they are all food for the paper mill and they know it.

The most important lesson learned is that pines and people can be no damned good. Stay away from both if you can, and make sure your core is solid.

2 thoughts on “Life’s Lessons Crashing Around You”

  1. Good advice, i just had quick look around to see if any of the treacherous things wear nearby.

  2. OK. The latest thing is that I have a crew coming out next week to drag the downed tree off, and to cut an additional five pine trees away from my house. They are all leaning in that direction, and it would take only one to smash through the roof. Most are big trees, with trunks about two feet in diameter. You are talking tons of wood.

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