How Do You Take Your Mondays?

Monday Monday, can’t trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way

Love that Mamas and Papas song. These lyrics are from the second verse, and I think they capture how many feel about Monday.

How do you take your Mondays? I like them sweet and rich. Many people greet Mondays with black coffee, cigarettes, and a feeling that things were going to get tense. Mondays are just naturally tense days, anyway.

It’s the first work day of the week, and the boss has had all weekend to dream up weird stuff to terrorize the employees. That is called management, and entire universities have been founded to teach managers to terrorize employees. Monday is the day of the week for managers to remind employees that they are the boss.

You can overcome some of this Monday madness manufactured by mediocre managers. First, show up early. I don’t mean fifteen minutes early. Show up four hours early and be at your workplace when the boss gets there. This takes some of the fire out of their boilers.

Take some time and plan your day. Always pick the hardest and most onerous task to do first. That way, things will get better as the day goes on.

Work through lunch. Do not join the Monday lunch crowd. Have a sandwich at your desk or workplace. This sounds like a suck-up, and it is one of those tactics. If you are smart you will have noticed that the office brown-noses don’t have as much to do as the rest. You can better position yourself by being a part-time brown nose without going completely over to the brown dark side. Anything to relieve the pressure on a Monday is considered fair.

Notice that you haven’t had that cup of coffee, yet. There’s a reason. That first cup of coffee at the work place is just another dodge to put off doing work. The sooner you get the unpleasant things done, the sooner you can have a celebratory cup. Save that cup for a moment when you can truly enjoy it, not slurping it as you dread what you have to do that day.

I have known people who would rather be in an automobile crash than go to work on a Monday. If things are that bad, you need to find another job. If it is your boss causing the agony, remember that managers are there to be ignored, not get in the way. If you fear the jerk, either teach him some manners, or go to greener pastures.

I am writing this on a Monday morning. I don’t have to fight traffic, get up early, or answer to some obnoxious boss. Since I was involuntarily retired some years ago, I have mostly worked out of my home, and can now give everybody else advice on what to do on Monday mornings.

Have a great Monday, and have a wonderful week. Now is the time to be thankful you have a workplace to go to, and a boss to gripe about. Be kind to that boss, you can never tell what he is going through with his management, either.

It is time to have another cup. Gotta go…

One thought on “How Do You Take Your Mondays?”

  1. very fun post, thanks! I posted something that’s uplifting today…maybe we were both fretting over those darned Mondays?!!

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