Tats & Stuff

Tattoos are not a new thing. People all over the place have the things, and some people cover their body with that stuff.

It used to be that men were the traditional customers for tattoo parlors, getting tattooed with the names of their sweethearts, their motorcycle club, gang, or just the simple word, “Mother”. It’s kind of touching to see a 300 pound, six and one-half foot tall man paying homage to his sweet mother with a dagger through her name tattooed on his arm. You know he has to be a good and gentle person.

Tattoos have now gone coed.

picture of a tattoo on a woman's lower back - a tramp stampThe more interesting tats are those with which women cover their bodies. Sometimes, the tattoos are very evident, in places easily seen like ankles, necks, hands, arms, and backs. One of the most popular tats is the “tramp stamp”, that little tattoo in the small of their back, just barely above their buttocks. For some reason we see a lot of these just walking down the street.

Sometimes, it is difficult to not stare at a woman’s tattoos. I am an older guy who has been going to a tech college. There are lots of women on campus of all ages. Some of the younger ones are devoted enthusiasts of tattoos.

Many of these women wear the low-rider jeans, proudly showing their tramp stamps, and sometimes abdominal tattoos. How are healthy young men to act around these women? I think they already know, but I am left out of that conversation.

How am I supposed talk to the tattooed woman. I can hardly ignore the most important decisions she has made in her short life. She is proud of the damned things, and wants you to see them. It is almost obligatory to mention their skin art, and sometimes it is lots of skin, and lots of art.

So, when in a class I address a young lady with, “Say, nice tramp stamp, there.”. How would that go over? The school could expel me for such language as being sexual harrassment, yet there is no penalty for the woman showing generous crack with her tramp stamp.

Maybe, I should address the situation unabashedly assuming the woman is proud of her art. I could say, “That’s a great tat on your back. Do you have any more I can see?” This is still an inappropriate conversation, but, what are you supposed to say to someone with tattoos on the brain, butt, breast, and back? It might be bad manners to NOT say anything.

Oh, what is a man to do?

3 thoughts on “Tats & Stuff”

  1. Bob, there are so many people now with tats it’s unbelievable. And let’s hope it’s not a fad because they’re going to be REAL remorseful if it is! On the other hand, let’s hope it’s just a fad.
    I watch a lot of cooking shows and am literally turned off the food of chefs with arms and up the neck covered in tats, colored or black/white……….honestly, it makes them seem dirty to me and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment…friends agree with me. Funny, your suggesting that you sort of have to say SOMETHING when you’re looking at someone with art all over them, like “I like your painting?” 🙂 Good luck with that!

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