Journeys Make Me Sick

Picture of travel luggageAlmost every day on some television show, or in some publication, we find the metaphor, “life is a journey” being offered as literature, wisdom, or just fill-some-time dialog. I’m getting tired of hearing about it, myself.

If life is a journey then I am going down a one-way street in the wrong direction. Maybe life is more of a wreck than a journey. Why can’t we say that life is interesting, or comforting, or an opportunity to make friends and money? Why does life always have to be a journey?:

In our speech not only has life morphed into a journey, but almost everything else is becoming journey-ized. Television writers are particularly bad about this. Let’s see where this is leading.

  • Life is a journey.
  • A relationship is a journey.
  • A continuing education class is a journey.
  • A bottle of booze is a journey.
  • A joint of pot is a journey (technically, a trip).
  • A speech is a journey.
  • A political campaign is a journey.

We don’t take trips, anymore. That word has become a verb, having special meaning to potheads and crackheads.

Here are some other life metaphors.

  • Life is an opportunity.
  • Life is a game.
  • Life is a wreck.
  • Life is a bowl of cherries.
  • Life is a bitch.

Well, maybe not all metaphors are as useful.

Anyway, please stop using the life-as-a-journey metaphor. It is starting to make me sick.

3 thoughts on “Journeys Make Me Sick”

  1. If life is a journey, I am climbing up the wrong mountain. It is tiresome to hear that. I prefer to think of journey’s as fun and relaxing not kicking my butt and bringing me down.

    Life is hard, period. But we learn to rely and trust in the Lord and He makes it bearable and enjoyable.

  2. Life is hard. Like somebody once said, “Nobody said life would be fun, or even fair.” With all the stuff life brings us, it is helpful to have God take up part of the burden. But life as a journey, no.

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