Whitney Houston Was A Christian

Her funeral was a celebration of her life and how she affected others. This is the way Christians do things. We are sad when our loved ones die, but we also celebrate their lives and their union with Jesus. This is a major difference with Christianity as opposed to other religions.

Whitney Houston’s funeral was held at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey. The church’s name is telling of Christians. The name, New Hope, connotes the hope that Jesus Christ gives us. We are forgiven our sins, and believe that anybody can receive God’s salvation. It is free, and the new hope for mankind.

Whitney knew this, as did the members of New Hope Baptist Church, her home church where she was raised. She knew that no matter how bad things got in life, she was comfortable with her place in eternity. She was gifted with a most beautiful voice, and a career few of us can imagine. She also fell into an abusive marriage with Bobby Brown, and was prey to drug addictions.

God has forgiven her. She is in his presence, now.

As I listened to the sermon by gospel singer and pastor, Marvin Winans, I understood his message. He said with relation to mankind that “you don’t just appear…”, meaning that there is a reason for your appearance in this world. Whitney Houston undoubtedly had a purpose.

We are all sad at her leaving, but we must not forget her faith.

6 thoughts on “Whitney Houston Was A Christian”

  1. Well, we sure were on the same wavelength in what we got from the funeral and Whitney’s life, Bob! Thank you for putting it so beautifully………it’s so reassuring to know REALLY smart Christians 🙂 I have to admit, as much faith as I have, I go through doubts and it helps when I know truly intelligent men and women have strong faith…….thanks for that.

  2. Very sad, i wasn’t surprised though, the celebrity lifestyle is a difficult one. Far too many of them are dying too young.

  3. Z, You are embarrassing me. Living up to all that is pretty tough. Thanks for your faith, too. It feeds on itself.

  4. It is sad how otherwise smart and talented people lose it all. Our job is, now, to keep on going. Glad you are back, MK.

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