Burt Reynolds And Mel Gibson – Good Movies

movie ad for Smokey and The BanditSometimes, you just cannot find a decent movie in the 350 channels that the cable company is delivering. True, I do not subscribe to HBO, but I do get the Showtime and Encore collection of movie channels.

It is a real bummer to buy all these entertainment channels only to find stuff for either high-school students or soap-opera addicted imbeciles. It makes you want to watch one of those ridiculous reality shows. Oh, yeah. More Atlanta Housewives. Just what we need here in Atlanta.

The best movie we could find on the movie channels was, “Smokey And The Bandit” with Burt Reynolds, Sally Fields, and Jackie Gleason. The movie is a slap-stick classic, and got me in a better mood. I tell people that the Bandit movies are among my favorites, and they look at me like I am an ignorant Tennessee hillbilly . They would be correct, except there are not many hills in my part of Tennessee.

movie ad for Apocalypto
Apocalypto by Mel Gibson

After Bandit, my lovely wife and I went channel surfing, again, and found a really good movie. It was not on a movie channel, and we had to endure commercial breaks. It was worth it.

Apocalypto, directed by Mel Gibson was the movie, and it was very good. It is set in the Yucatan area of Mexico at the sunset era of the Mayan civilization. The dialog was in a native language, and all we got were English subtitles. Even so, it is a very good movie. Mel Gibson really sets the bar for movies about ancient civilizations.

This weekend, we got lucky. Our selection of good entertainment is very poor, even though we are buying 350 channels via ATT Uverse, a high quality service with digital HD. It is too bad that the content can’t match the technology.

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