Watch Out For Cheap Books On Amazon

Did you know that you, too, can publish books and have them for sale on Yep! You, too, can write your own book and self-publish it for sale in the world’s biggest book store, Since anybody can publish, and charge whatever they want, all sorts of garbage is showing up.

Yesterday, I was playing with my new Kindle Fire,’s beautiful, new tablet computer that was intended to be an upscale e-reader. It is still a Kindle, and is pretty terrific. Well, I did a search for WordPress books since I develop web sites using WordPress. I found one I hadn’t seen before about building membership sites, and the Kindle book was available for $2.99.

How could I lose?

Losing is easy if you don’t take a close look at your purchase. This so-called book has only about a dozen pages, and is all about expensive WordPress plugins from private sources. To top things off, the author included links to those sites so that she could collect commissions if you bought one of the plugins. The plugins are well-known, but she did not mention that there were similar plugins in the repository that are very good, and absolutely free.

Live and learn, they say. I did.

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