Looking Presidential

In the South Carolina GOP Primary debate last night, John King, exhibiting the lowest common denominator of journalism, asked Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife’s statement that he had asked for an open marriage. This kind of stuff is interesting to us only in prurient ways, but has nothing to do with a Presidential Candidate’s ability to hold the office.

Newt responded as only he should have. The issues of divorced people are usually messy, and political campaigns are not the place to air them.

5 thoughts on “Looking Presidential”

  1. I am not supporting Gingrich, but I still like the guy. I absolutely was floored with his response, it was done with just enough punch to put King in his place.

    People get divorced and that’s just a huge part of life, it is absolutely no one’s business what went on inside those homes unless there was abuse, incest or murder, not paying their taxes, etc..

    Divorced couples, for the most part, wind up hating each other and want to hurt the other person any way they can, including lying.

    So, I normally don’t really pay attention to the mudslinging.

  2. I agree. I have always liked Newt. He is smart. As John King found out, Newt is smarter than he, and more articulate.

    Truly, Newt has had domestic problems and it never ceases to amaze me that Democrats harp on this kind of stuff, and then forgive Clinton’s sexual escapades in Oval Office. Oh, but, Hillary forgave him.

  3. I think this is 80% of Gingrich’s bump in the polls. Conservatives want someone tough, someone who can FINALLY address the leftwing media with truth and even anger. Enough’s enough.
    Romney just doesn’t seem to have it in him to stray too far from the ‘scripts’ his handlers have in his head…….I’m not sure which I support, because there’s plenty wrong with Gingrich and the left’s going to feed on that as it’s started to do already, but I sure did like this treatment of John King! And Juan Williams.

  4. “because there’s plenty wrong with Gingrich and the left’s going to feed on that as it’s started to do already’ ..the GOP establishment is well aware of what’s wrong
    with him. Then, there is the center which invariably decides elections…

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