Winter In Atlanta

It is January 4 in Atlanta. I know it is winter because it is cold. Sam, our fifteen year old dachshund almost refuses to go out to do his hygienic duties. Sam’s belly, and corresponding appendages. are so low to the ground that I imagine the outside experience can be a bit shocking.

Last night, the temperature got down in the twenties. Right now, the temperature is 42 degrees, with the low tonight expected to be 31 degrees. Man, that’s freezing! We are not used to such extreme weather here in the sunny south. This is a typical winter in Atlanta with the temperature dipping below freezing only a few times. Tomorrow afternoon, things warm up to the mid-fifties and the low tomorrow night will be in the mid-forties.

One of the problems with living in a temperate climate is that it can be cold enough in the morning to wear an overcoat, but get really warm in the afternoon making the overcoat a sweaty burden. My friends of northern origin gripe that the weather doesn’t stay cold. Sorry about that.

You can actually get by in the winter with an all-weather overcoat with zip out liner. Today, I have stayed in the warm house in my fleece exercise togs, with nothing on my feet but sandals.

Somewhere in Chicago is some poor soul that accepted the job I turned down long ago because of the climate, there. After spending a Sunday night in a motel in surburban Chicago, and having to fight a quarter-inch of glazed ice on my rental car the next morning, my mind was made up.

Recognize a good thing when you have it, and don’t let it get away from you.

Home, sweet home, Atlanta.

3 thoughts on “Winter In Atlanta”

  1. Man, every year, SoCal is doing the New Year celebration Chamber Of Comnerce bidding for the Rose Bowl parade; 75 degrees and blue sky. This year we out did ourselves.

    On the other hand, I’d like a greater cost of living tied into my paycheck!

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