Iowa Caucused – So What?

I am so tired of seeing nothing on the news but the Iowa caucuses that I could, well, turn off the TV. That’s pretty much what I did.

You see, I don’t care what Iowans think about Presidential candidates. After all, those guys were on the other side during the historical unpleasantness between the Northern States and the Southern States. Plus, if I lived in Iowa, I would see no advantage to getting out in their super cold weather to talk about politics. No, I am more inclined to stay home with a fireplace and something warm to drink.

Who won the Iowa caucuses? Iowa won, and that’s about it. All the candidates got votes, some more than others. Some will drop out of the contest after having spent all their money at the Iowa State Fair. Didn’t our mothers warn us about such things?

Thank heavens that Michelle Bachman will leave the race, and hopefully Huntsman will get the message that he is not even on the playing field. History got repeated with the so-called young people voting for Ron Paul. We have seen this phenomenon before. Young morons voting for off-the-wall candidates. Nothing new, here.

The real race is the money race. The only significant thing about Iowa is that it exposes who has money, and who doesn’t. The eventual winner in the Republican Primary will be the person with the deepest pockets.

That’s the way the world works. We really didn’t need Iowa for that. Any old state will do, and the next boring contest is the New Hampshire primary. It is just another chance for the cash strapped candidates to throw their money away, and another case of a  totally unattractive state to get publicity. Like somebody is going to vacation in that deep freeze.


2 thoughts on “Iowa Caucused – So What?”

  1. Aw, c’mon..Iowa gave us Johnny Carson, Herbert Hoover, Dear Abby and John Wayne….:)

  2. Don’t forget corn ethonol subsidies. I think they may have been the direct result of pols pandering to Iowa voters in BOTH primary caucuses.

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