New Years Day – Ground Hog Loop?

It just doesn’t seem right celebrating New Years Day the day after New Year’s Day. Something’s going on, here.

Everybody remembers the movie, Ground Hog Day, with Bill Murray. In the movie he is a TV weather man assigned to witness the Punxsatawny, Pennsylvania ground hog searching for his shadow on Ground Hog Day. The movie was all about Bill Murray having to re-live that particular ground hog day several times, with different things happening each time the cycle repeated.

The idea of having to re-live the same day, over and over, again, has become known as a Ground Hog Loop.

This morning, January 2, 2012, I feel like I am going through a bit of a Ground Hog Loop. Wasn’t yesterday New Year’s Day? Didn’t we all get drunk the night before, and fight off thermonuclear sized headaches yesterday? Didn’t we all eat our black eyed peas, cornbread, hog jowl, and collard greens yesterday for good luck in the coming year as ordained by our ancestors?

If we did all  that, yesterday, then why is everybody taking today off, and why are all those football bowl games stacked up end to end on my big screen TV? Why are people still saying, Happy New Year?

Am I living in a new Ground Hog Loop all about New Year’s Day? If that is true, then I missed the additional New Year’s eve partying for this trip through the cycle.

OK, let’s try this again. I will go to the store, stock up on chips, dips, beer, and other necessary party foods. I will replenish my supply of Tennessee whiskey, and I will publish some quick invitations to my new, New Year’s eve party. We are obviously going to have a new, New Year’s Day, tomorrow, to continue the loop.

If I am going to have to re-live something, let’s do it right. I’ve got to get drunk, all over again to make this a proper Ground Hog Loop.

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