Christmas Eve Gift?

Today is Christmas Eve, and as ordained by all, was a good day to sleep in. We did, and we slept really late having stayed up after midnight watching some movie we can’t even remember this morning. A new Morning After pill for memory would be much appreciated by citizens above a certain age.

After I finally got out of the bed, I decided the first order of things was a shower, as I did not hear Sam, or fifteen year old dachshund, barking. Now, Sam doesn’t bark to go outside. No, siree! Not our Sam. Our four legged critter only barks AFTER he has done his dirty deed and wants me to clean up his mess. After all, he does have his standards.

This morning I figured Sam’s bladder was either not over-full, or he was dead because I had not heard him barking. Much to my shame, I was hoping that when I went downstairs I would find the old guy in terminal slumber on his bed pillow. What a dreadful way to think about the family pet.

Sam has no idea how close he has come to meeting his Maker, on several occasions. Whenever I clean up after him, or have to pay his veterinary bills, I do some mental scheming to figure out how to ease him into the next life, but I am always afraid that the Pet CIS people will penetrate any pet crime and punish the perpetrator, me. I don’t want to spend the next five years in a place where bad things can happen to a person.

Enough of the day-dreaming. Sam was alive this morning, having broken through the pet gate and defiled the den with his less than hygienic habits. This morning, Sam came really close to making the trip to his Sweet By And By.

Being a beneficent person, I gave old Sam a reprieve on his sentence. Today is Christmas Eve, and I have decided to give him another chance.

Well, enough bad and sad stuff. I gotta go and finish my Christmas shopping. One thing I will get is a new pillow for Sam’s bed. The old guy needs it.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Gift?”

  1. I was so afraid you were going to say he died Christmas Eve morning! Phew!And, if you're of a 'certain age', you're lucky you CAN sleep in :-)xxx

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