Life Is One Continuous Fall

Earlier this week, I got out the leaf blower and rake, and worked up three huge piles of leaves just from one side of the driveway. Before I could put the leaves in the requisite trash bags dictated by the city, it started to rain.

Now, I have three huge piles of wet leaves, and no inclination to take up a career of working in that soggy biomass.

To make matters worse, last night a storm blew through town, and every leaf on every tree came off at once. In my neighborhood, there is a natural phenomenon such that when the wind blows, all the neighbor’s leaves wind up in my yard.

I don’t have an oak tree or maple tree, but right now my driveway is ankle deep in oak and maple leaves. The situation is so bad that my little miniature daschund, Sam, has to burrow his way under the leaves, and finds the old leg hiking routine almost impossible because he is in over his head. He winds up peeing on himself.

Where is the justice in all this? Is my karma so bad that I inherit all my neighbors woes? What has my little dog done wrong except pick a lazy owner?

It occurs to me that life is one continuous fall, as in autumn. Please don’t misunderstand me, here. I am not talking about the beautiful allegory of the seasons of life. I am talking about real world stuff, here.

Whether in the spring, summer, or fall of life we contend with all sorts of problems. Whenever we finish solving one problem, or cleaning up one mess, there always seems to be another one waiting to smash you.

As my Dad used to say, “Whenever you think you are getting ahead, something comes along to wham you!”.  That’s what I mean.

I just raked the leaves, and then along comes a storm to undo my hard work. I have to do it all over again.

Life is all about living, and living is all about surviving. We cannot survive without solving problems, and life becomes one problem after another.

Where am I going wrong, here?

6 thoughts on “Life Is One Continuous Fall”

  1. Uh-oh, that happened to us. We had a nice huge pile of leaves and branches ready for the city to pick up, we had two huge storms and strong winds come through and it all wound up in my neighbor's drive-way.Maybe someone will have pity and help you tidy up your yard?

  2. that's why I hate to dust :-)I'm so sorry about those neighbors' leaves…I could just picture your little Sam!

  3. I feel for you Bob, that would really piss me off.Maybe you can just burn all the leaves, but then some government scumbag might come running to give you a fine.

  4. we climb back onto the saddle – and continue the ride–Right : – ) as to leaves-used to rake piles and poles as a kid–and even used the raking of them to design interior layouts for!Carol-CS

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