Taking Potshots At Environmental Pubs Is Fun

Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t spend a lot of time writing blogs for this site. I enjoy writing, but as a condition of surrender to my wife, I will no longer write long, accusatory, and inflammatory blogs about politics, no matter how bad or how wrong those other guys are. Blogging is supposed to be bad for my blood pressure.

There is a loophole.

As far as I am concerned, I am not prohibited to comment on blogs or other articles. This is important. You see, I can get online, read a bunch of blogs and articles, and comment to my heart’s content. I can say anything I want to without having to accept responsibility because I am pretty much anonymous in my commenting.

Let me give you an example. On a Saturday mornings, I might read and scan 20 to 25 blogs, and check out 50 or more articles in my Google Reader. With these articles, sometimes the newspaper or magazine will allow comments, and this is where I go bananas.  Articles in all sorts of publications accept comments, and I will close in on one or two articles that I deem really dumb, or totally out of the realm of reason. This is mostly true with environmental pubs, and I take a devilish pride in ridiculing the marshmallow intellects who believe the garbage they read there.

Mother Jones is a great pub with which to do a drive-by commenting attack. The people who hang out there are at the bottom of the intellectual food chain, and don’t have the capacity to reply in a coherent manner. Plus, the article is usually so old that nobody is reading it but me, anyway. I am assured of having the last word,

I can sometimes spend hours peppering the unsuspecting world of smaller brains with my wisdom and smart-ass comments. It is a lot of fun.

It is also a waste of time. But, I don’t get caught putting the same stuff on my own blog and violating my spouses rules to keep street language out of my writing. I suspect she knows what is going on, but as long as my words cannot be connected with her, my life is secure.

God bless the environmentalists. Without them, we would have to look long and hard to find the stupid people.

7 thoughts on “Taking Potshots At Environmental Pubs Is Fun”

  1. Bob, I'm laughing OUT LOUD!! You are such a fun writer! Thank Mrs. Bob for sharing you with us :-)I am SO SO sorry about the loss of your sister/loving friend from melanoma, as you said at my blog today; If she was actually born today, as it seemed from your comment, she must have been somewhat like my Dad whose good character, I believe, NO MAN could EVER hope to aspire to. SO, she must have been quite a girl.Bob, Mr. Z was diagnosed with a terrible melanoma that I found right in the middle of his back…we were still dating and swimming every weekend at his pool and, by the end of that summer, an odd looking mole had changed and so I talked to my family doc who was retiring and he pulled a business card out of his drawer and said "See NO ONE but this expert". We did, it was indeed a very advanced malignant melanoma, and we got 20 more years for my husband. Makes me feel teary just typing that. The doc told me at least 12 times over the years that he continued to check him every year "You saved his life"…..God was good to us. And yes, perhaps your sis could have been saved had she had hers in the nineties and not the seventies.I will tell you here what I did not want to say at my place; I have had 'insitu' melanomas, none of which are deep enough to do any damage or need more than cursory removal(yet) but I have to be EXTRA vigilant that none of them gets big enough for trouble.. I even went to the Huntsman Cancer Center in Utah last September to see one of the 2 best melanoma specialists in the world. She was optimistic, so I remain optimistic!But, from the protective clothing she recommended I wear in the sun, I told her I'd end up looking like a BEE KEEPER! (I'm not as careful as she prescribed!)I'm Armenian and light olive complected so it's very weird….mostly very light skinned people get this problem. So, I"m a cautionary tale living to tell it like it is! WE ALL must get checked! It's nerve wracking now that I'm getting older and age spots develop too "Is THAT a bad one or is it an age spot?" VERY nerve wracking.Sorry to go on and on…..just wanted to share with you mostly that you must have had SOME great sis because I admire you enough to know you know good people; your wife and sister seem to fit that bill! Happy Birthday to your sis, happy birthday to my dear ol' Dad in heaven……..good to remember the great ones, isn't it. (by the way, GET CHECKED yourself…your sis's melanoma sometimes means relatives must be extra vigilant..do it for HER)And, Bob, you said you visit 20 blogs or so regularly; I"m SO VERY PROUD that I'm on that list. I can't tell you how proud. Thanks for that.I LOVE your writing, thanks for the great fun I get in reading your words……..just terrific.

  2. Z: Yes, my sister was special to me, and when she died, I compartmentalized her death and didn't mourn her passing for decades.When we learned my sister's cancer was terminal, my wife and I called her to reveal that 1) my wife was pregnant, and 2) if the child was a girl we would name it after her. Before my sister died, she told us that our child would be a little girl and she would play the piano.My daughter turned out to be very much like my sister in her musical talents. She went to college on a voice scholarship, but her first instrument was the piano. She sings like an angel, and is a music teacher in a local school system. I have never equated my sister with my daughter, but now when I think of my daughter, I see pictures of my sister in my head. Maybe this is the result of my neglect in the mourning process. I am so sorry you and your husband had to live so long with cancer hanging over your heads. God granted you twenty years of each other, but you can never justify a loved one dying. As I alluded in a previous post, I just don't think there is ever a season for dying.Take care of those melanoma. Yes, I have had my body searched closely for melanoma. My two brothers have had episodes, but they are OK, now.Thanks for all you comments. I appreciate your blog and your comments.

  3. Bob, thank YOU very much.I kind of think it's a sweet thing that you see your sis in your daughter and I like to think your sis would find it lovely, too.Thankfully, the docs were so sure that Mr. Z was cured that, after a few years, we relaxed with it…I often looked at that 'wound' on his back and it was clear forever more…thank God.Now, yes, I DO worry about myself, but I also look at it as an amazing wake up call to smell the roses every single day; to realize how sweet every day is, even without my Mr. Z, something I never thought possible.God bless you, Bob.

  4. It definitely is a lot of fun poking and prodding dumb lefties, even the somewhat clever ones make good sport. 🙂

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