Baseball Games And Grandsons

When you have a grandson delivered into your family, it is an unbelievable blessing. You become a playmate to him, and not a disciplinarian father. The little boy always loves his Grandpa, and this is one of God’s rewards. You can love them when they are good, and leave them to their parents when they are bad.

It was a super pleasure this past weekend to take my grandson, along with his mother and father, to an Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field, affectionately known to locals as, “The Ted”. The Braves were playing the Dodgers. There was not a lot of interest in the game because the end of the season is approaching, and this game would have little to do in deciding playoff slots.  My tickets were free because a friend’s law firm was giving them away. Good times!

Miles, my grandson, was so excited about going to see Chipper Jones, Braves star hitter. that he could not contain himself. Upon arrival, it was all his father could do to keep the three year old tyke from charging down to see the players from our field level seats. He just couldn’t understand.

As the game went into the third inning, there was no score, and the Moose (Miles) was getting really wiggly. So, Bob-Bob (that’s me) took him for a walk inside the stadium, looking at attractions, one of which was a life size figure of Mickey Mouse in a Braves uniform. We had a good time just walking around, and we were out of the rain.

I took the Moose to the stadium store, intending to get him a real Braves baseball hat. The darned things were $38, and the one-size-fits-all cheapies were $28. I was lucky that Miles’s attention was drawn to a $13 toy. I got off cheap.

That’s when we heard the crowd’s roar. Dang, I missed the three run homer that put the Dodgers in the lead for most of the game. How about that for luck.

As the seventh inning came around, the game had been in stasis since the Dodgers score. It was also snack time, and we retired to the 755 Club which commemorates Hank Aaron’s lifetime record of 755 home runs.

Fried green tomatoes and chicken fingers were our choices. Cokes were expensive, and beers were $7.25 each. Run of the mill food at spectacular prices. What do you expect in a ballpark? The whole apparatus is geared to make money.

After his snack, Miles went to sleep, first in his chair, and then in my lap. We decided that our game was over, and we packed our stuff to leave. As we were about to get on the elevator, a tremendous roar came up from the crowd. Double damn! I was missing the action, again.

I rushed to the big windows in time to see the last run of a three run homer cross home plate. We watched the replay on the TV in the elevator. We left with the ball game tied, and the rain increasing.

Leaving a baseball game early has its benefits. You miss the traffic jam that comes after every game, and you are out of the rain. Of course, our three year old tour guide was wide awake and chattering about the cars he could see from his baby’s seat.

After we got home, the game was on TV, and my wife, who had kept our grand daughter, GG, urgently told us to hurry to the TV to watch Chipper Jones at bat for the winning run. Two men were on base, and a RBI would win the game for the Bravos.Triple damn! I am still missing the live action.

The Dodgers put Chipper on base by intentionally walking him. The next guy up to the plate drove in the winning run for the Braves.

I managed to miss all the live action in the game, but did get to spend a wonderful day with a little guy who will never forget his first baseball game.

6 thoughts on “Baseball Games And Grandsons”

  1. You're such a good writer, Bob………every word of this piece says "I LOVE THE MOOSE"…..I'm sitting here all gooshy about it!! SO SWEET, even if the Braves DID beat MY DODGERS! (not really a huge baseball fan, but I do like the LA TEAMS, of course!)I could eat a Dodger dog every day of the week!you mentioned getting out of the blog business in your comment at the post below: FORGET ABOUT IT 🙂 YOU CAN'T!! Thanks for being so loyal to geeeZ and your kind comment about my piece on Angel…I LOVED what you wrote about your redneck thing! SO GOOD. Never leave……we'd miss you!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Z. I enjoy reading other people's stuff, and I cannot help commenting and writing my own. What I do intend it to keep out of the political blogging because it sucks the emotional energy out of a person, plus will keep me out of arguing with idiots.

  3. Sounds like fun times all round. Cherish them while they're so young, one day they'll grow up and us parents and their grand parents will fade away.

  4. MK: As you are learning, the little ones are the biological reason for live, and we get great pleasure from them. Well, sometimes.Angel: I never could have anticipated how wonderful grandchildren are. I never had fun by taking my kids somewhere because I was always watching their behavior, and was ready to correct them if needed. I now know better. That stuff is up to my daughter and her husband. We are blessed in all accounts.

  5. Bob, I'm too lazy to check, but if you enjoy reading people's stuff, I hope you like my "SUnday after 9/11 in Paris" piece…and the one about my Paris neighbors REJOICING over 9/11..maybe you commented, I don't remember, but I thought I'd point them out to you. enjoy, if you find the time…xYou must think of your wonderful grandson when you think of 9/11….we've got to fix this world for kids like that.

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