Today Is Special

Today’s gonna be a special day. The sun is shinning, the birds are singing, and the dog is doing his part by barking at, well, nothing.  He’s just a dog.

As I stand in front of my humble abode with the weeds up to my knees, and thorny vines taking over the chimney, I have renewed, once again, my vow to do something about my slovenly existence.

Today, friends and neighbors, I will work up a sweat.

Don’t panic! Please! There is a method to my madness.

You see, there is an advantage to being one of the only senior citizens on the block. Our thirty-something neighbors think we are positively old. I just may represent their best chance to do a neighbor a good turn. For example, three years ago we had a small tornado rip some pine trees up in our neighborhood. Before I could get outside to work on the mess, my younger neighbors has wielded their chainsaws like modern day Wyatt Earps with a six-gun. The wood chips and saw dust were flying around like bullets at the O.K. Corral.  They had my property cleared of debris in no time.

So, I will get out of my shorts and sandals, don some work jeans and boots, and get to work. I figure I am good for about thirty minutes before the sweat builds to the point that you can see my fat belly through my tee-shirt, and my jeans will have slipped to the point of showing fashionable crack. That’s when they will show up and take care of that stuff for me.

5 thoughts on “Today Is Special”

  1. It was still special. I didn't get the gasoline for the mower, so didn't get the grass done. The vines are a little thnner, though. I just knew the local housewives would gag at my slipping jeans and roll-over belly. They must have all been at the mall getting ready for tonight's football game at the Georgia Dome.

  2. The best laid plans of mice and men can be changed by a game on the tube.Thanks, folks. As you can see, I am almost out of the blogging business, but I find it difficult when reading your stuff to NOT comment.Angel: Welcome back. I enjoy your blog, and especially the artwork.

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