9/11 Thoughts

As we approach the tenth year anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers, it is a time to think about what happened, who did it, who excuses it, and who would do it all over again. Credit goes to George W Bush who implemented the laws and missions of federal security agencies to stop any possible terrorist attacks on the mainland US.

One of the really big reasons this didn’t happen is that the US has been putting enormous pressure on Al Queda and associated terrorist organizations through offensive actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush was right. By taking the fight to the terrorists, you keep them on the defensive. It has worked to a large degree, with the only attacks done by home grown terrorists in the US.

Obama can take credit for pursuing Osama Bin Laden, and having the SEALS kill him.

We are faced with other problems, not the least of which is an attitude that somehow those who want to kill us can be reasonable people. Just this thought is preposterous. We know from reading the Koran that Islam thinks it is just fine to lie, torture, and kill non-believers. You cannot reason with these people.

Strangely enough, I like the Muslim people I know. Maybe they are different, or not confrontational. I don’t feel like challenging them, and they are probably hesitant about telling a 6′ 2″, 250 pound guy that they don’t like him or his religion.

Now that Bin Laden is dead, and Al Queda is marginalized in part, what should we be doing?

We are in danger of losing Iraq, and Afghanistan. The current Administration does not want to be there, and doesn’t seem to understand why we are there in the first place, It is a problem that, hopefully, the 2012 elections will settle.

Life is tough. Those who want to kill you make it tougher.

3 thoughts on “9/11 Thoughts”

  1. Bob, I believe with your height you would probably intimidate just about anyone, lol! I am 4'11 and probably would feel a wee bit…daunted.I used to work for Muslims and for the most part are nice people, just don't get into a debate of religion and you might see an ugly side to them.

  2. Leticia: I appreciate your comment. A former sales manager once told me that he would prefer tall people like me, or really short people to work for him. I married a woman who claimed she was 5 ft tall. That was just the first subterfuge in our relationship. What I did discover was that short women have special superpowers. Don't mess with them!

  3. I'm worried that those who didn't know much about islam prior to 9/11, seem none the wiser 10 years on.The other side has figured out easier ways to make us submit though.

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