Vote Somebody Off The Island?

I have always been curious why reality show writers and producers stage the action around voting somebody off the island. I think it gives the show a negative flavor, and the writers and producers seem to delight in all the negative ebb and flow generated.

It makes so much more sense to vote for those whom YOU WANT TO STAY ON THE ISLAND TO HELP YOU SURVIVE! It is more realistic, and you would still get people voting AGAINST other people, but I think this method would give these shows a positive flavor, and would make them more realistic.

But then, I am a positive person.

If I were in a do or die situation where others can help me survive, I will be looking for the people who can help me do just that. I would be willing to pay less attention to my dislike of a person who is skilled at, say, hunting or nursing than I would their sour personalities. You can always murder them, later.

So, how do you feel about it? Live or die, how would you approach keeping good folks, or just throwing out those you don’t like? How would it work?

3 thoughts on “Vote Somebody Off The Island?”

  1. I've never watched those shows, but I think you have an excellent point; we're so into the negative in our society and this kind of thing does pervade into peoples' consciences and that's not good.Yes, make it positive "WHO"S LEFT STANDING!"Even the food channel shows where people are picked and others go have names like CHOPPED!I suppose one must see the loser, too, or nobody wins, but there is an attitude producers could encourage that would be more positive. Good thinking, Bob!

  2. by the way, this nonpolitical blog needs moderation? Were you getting lefty trolls or something? I'm only on Moderation when Bd and Ducky and others get out of hand…and very rarely do i do it because it slows the blog conversation down and I LOVE that "real time' give/take amongst my readers

  3. I'm tired of reality TV. If it's not that then it's talent shows, everyone's becoming a singer or a cook or a renovator. That and the cop shows, how much more murder and crime do we need.One show i really liked was the Unit, wish they'd bring that back.

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